7 Things You Should Know About Writing Student Essays

Writing essays is a critical skill every student should master. We'll explore seven things you should know about student essay writing. First, plagiarism is a no-no, and citing all your arguments is key.

The good news is that essay writing help is available online. Furthermore, remember that clarity and conciseness are marks of good writing, and don't forget that a second pair of eyes can be invaluable for editing. What’s more, grammar and punctuation matter as much as the content of your essays. And finally, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to writing – everyone has their own process, so do what works best for you.

1. Plagiarism is a No-No!

First, plagiarism is strictly prohibited in academia because it undermines the fundamental principles of originality and integrity. Students caught plagiarizing eliminate trust, devalue their learning, and hinder their intellectual growth. They can be severely punished and it is never worth this risk.

2. Citations are Key

Citations are key in student essays as they give proper credit to sources of information, thus avoiding plagiarism. They uphold academic honesty and ethical writing practices. What’s more, citations help you to support your arguments and establish credibility. They demonstrate that you’ve done your research, and enable readers to verify your claims. 

3. Help is Out There

Students looking for help to produce plagiarism-free, well-cited essays can look to help online to meet their deadlines. You can pay professional writers such as those from Writers Per Hour to draft your academic essays. These essays are human-written, which is far superior to AI writing, and are delivered to meet your deadlines. You can learn from them about how to be a better academic writer.

4. Good Writing is Concise and Clear

A huge misconception when it comes to writing “well” is that many students think the more long, poetic words and phrases they use the better. This is not the case. When you have a point to make, you should make it clearly, concisely, and without excess use of overly-flowery language. 

5. A Second Pair of Eyes Can Make All the Difference

Once you have your essay drafted and ready to go, it can never hurt to have a fellow student look over it for errors. Ask someone to check your grammar, punctuation, facts, argument, tone, and structure. They may see something you can’t.

6. Grammar and Punctuation Matter Too

When editing an essay, it’s important to focus on the quality of the language as well as the quality of the argument. You can lose valuable points when your essay is graded for sloppy writing practices, and this is silly when it’s so easy to correct basic grammar mistakes.

7. Everyone Has Their Own Process

Finally, remember that everyone has their own process and it’s okay to write your essay how and when you like. If you write best at 3 a.m., that’s fine. If you prefer to dictate your essay to a voice note and then write it later, that’s fine too. You can write however you prefer.

Mastering essay writing is an important skill for students. We've explored these seven key tips, and it's clear that success relies on originality, proper citation, and the availability of online resources. Moreover, clarity and conciseness in writing, along with an extra set of eyes for editing, can make all the difference. Additionally, grammar and punctuation are crucial in delivering a polished, professional piece. And, remember, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to writing, so embrace your unique process. Keep these seven things in mind and you'll not only excel academically but also develop a lifelong skill that extends far beyond the classroom.

Skyler Watkins
Skyler Watkins is an aspiring author and editor located in Columbus, Ohio.
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