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Applying for financial aid is difficult, which is why we're here to help you learn about the financial aid process and you get the aid you deserve!
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Advanced Technology. Expert consulting.

Save Time
It takes the average family 40+ hours to get financial aid on their own; we cut that in half.
Save Money
One in every 7 FAFSAs is submitted incorrectly each year, costing over $9,100 in lost financial aid.
Get Peace of Mind
Priceless! Rest assured that a financial aid expert has reviewed your applications.
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We simplify the financial aid process and optimize each student's financial aid packages based on your unique criteria and opportunities to save.
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Helping You Fund Your Education


Up to 5 schools + 4 hours of consulting included


The perfect starting point students in need of basic FAFSA help.


Up to 10 schools + 6 hours of consulting included


The right option for students applying to public and private schools.
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Up to 20 schools + 8 hours of consulting included


Let us make sense of complex financial aid cases.

Insight & Resources

Not sure where to start when it comes to college financial aid? Grantford is here to help with expert insight and resources.

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