FAFSA Deadlines for PA Colleges

Several schools, as you will see in this list, have a “priority filing” date. Temple University, of Philadelphia, gives high priority to applications received by March 1st.

Hello!  If you’ve visited this blog before, or just know deadlines like the back of your own hand, then it’s safe to assume that you know when the official FAFSA deadline is.  For those who need a reminder, that date rolls around on June 30th.  Now FAFSA season officially kicked off last month, and while FAFSA sets its own end-all deadline, be sure to follow the standards set by your individual school.  More often than not, to better ensure that students receive aid, colleges require the FAFSA to be submitted before June.  So, as a bonus for our PA-based readers, check out a sampling of FAFSA deadlines for Pennsylvania schools.

  1. Temple.  Several schools, as you will see in this list, have a “priority filing” date.   Temple University, of Philadelphia, gives high priority to applications received by March 1st.  Applications will still be accepted until the federal deadline, however, funds are not guaranteed.
  2. PSU.  Penn State has different FAFSA deadlines depending on student status.  New PSU students, i.e. freshmen or transfers, must file the FAFSA by March 1st.  Current students are to have the application completed by April 15th.
  3. Pitt.  The University of Pittsburgh’s financial aid system is a bit different.  Again, freshmen and continuing students have different deadlines.  Freshmen undergrads must apply by March 1st.  However, continuing students must all apply by April 1st and some could also have to submit US Department of Education verification documents to the school by a second deadline, May 15th.
  4. IUP.  Indiana University of Pennsylvania has a blanket priority deadline for all students, regardless of status/class.  Students need to have the FAFSA in by April 15th.
  5. Point Park.  Point Park University requires FAFSA completion by freshmen and transfers by March 15th.  The same deadline applies regardless of whether the student is to begin studying this summer or next fall.  April 15th is go-time for all continuing undergrads.
  6. Duquesne.  Duquesne University requires both the FAFSA and its own financial aid application.  The deadline is unchanging year-to-year and applies to all classes.  Undergrads must have both applications in by May 1st for priority consideration.
  7. SRU.  Slippery Rock University has perhaps one of the earliest FAFSA deadlines for freshmen students: February 15th (Perhaps we should have mentioned this as #1).  This doesn’t appear to be an end-all deadline, as SRU states that these students are “encouraged” to file then, “if possible.”  Current students should mark their calendars for May 1st to have that FAFSA turned in.

If we didn’t cover your school here, just take a stroll over to the financial aid section of your college’s website.  Usually, there will be at least a bold-faced reminder somewhere on the page, if not a major call-to-action article.  Remember not to take these deadlines lightly, as they are in place to maximize your chances at receiving adequate financial aid!  For more financial aid solutions, give Go Financial Aid a shout today.

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