Get Your Masters or PhD Without Taking the GRE: A How-To Guide

You've finally made it through your undergraduate degree and now you need to give your resume a final touch-up with a master's or a PhD.

You've finally made it through your undergraduate degree and now you need to give your resume a final touch-up with a master's or a PhD. Naturally, you would want your final degree to be from the best university possible and this might be outside your country of residence. Some of the best universities in the world, in fact, a majority of them, are located in the USA. 

While getting into these universities itself is quite the challenge, becoming eligible to study in the USA is another challenge in itself. A lot of other countries such as Canada also follow many of the same rules and protocols that the USA does when it comes to admitting new students. One of the main requirements is the GRE exam. This is a generalized test that is mandatory for all graduate-level and above students. Luckily, you can bypass this exam and still get to your university of choice.

Find The Right Program

First, narrow down exactly what you want to pursue. The market is changing very rapidly and it would be a good idea to reconsider your options so that you are going for the most in-demand skills at any given point in time; you might realize that something that was very relevant a few years ago has become totally obsolete. The requirements for different programs also keep changing as the industry changes so make sure you are meeting all the requirements for your program of choice.

Find The Right University

Even within the USA, there are thousands of universities that you can choose from. There are a few very prominent ones but they are extremely tough to get into. When you are looking for a master's degree without GRE you need to make sure you are getting into the right university. There are also a lot of scam universities that will appear as being real but they are really only about stealing your money. Do your research and look for a university with proper credentials that either completely eliminates the need for the GRE or allows some other kind of test in place of it. There are many universities that allow you to choose the kind of test you want to take and you can pursue the one that is most convenient for you.

The Mode Of Study

It’s also important that you choose the right mode of study for your degree. In many cases, you can get the same degree, such as a master's in marketing, but you can pursue it either as a full-time student, as a part-time student, or even as a remote learner. In this way, the tests that you have to clear and the kind of prerequisites that you have to fulfill are quite different. In some modes of study, you might not be required to appear for the GRE at all but you can still get the same degree.

There are a lot of options when it comes to studying in the USA or any other first-world country and just by looking around a little longer, you can find a really good option. It can be quite overwhelming for a new person so don't be afraid to seek the help of a counselor or consultant to find a good place for yourself.




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