High Performing Skyscrapers in Dubai Marina for 2023

Top skyscrapers to own apartment in Dubai Marina. The DAMAC Lagoons Villas, 2023. Arabian Ranches III. Concluding Paragraph.

Dubai Marina is a dream place to live in Dubai. You know how Dubai is a dream spot in the world, the Marina is a hot place here. According to Emirates.Estate the Marina is one of the prime and high-performing communities of Dubai for 2023. However, people did not come to buy bare lands in the Marina, they came for certain properties. Identifying these properties is key to knowing where to stake your money for more profitable returns. 

Things to Note

  1. You can combine your traveling expedition with property investment in 2023 seamlessly in a manner that does not deprive you of full enjoyment when you follow this page.
  2. Some of the properties to be discussed below are near Dubai Marina and not on the Marina.
  3. Properties in the Dubai Marina are highly-priced, so you need to up your budget.

The DAMAC Lagoons Villas, 2023

The DAMAC Lagoons are premium modern units developed by the DAMAC properties only a stone's throw from Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street in Dubai. These are modern waterfront properties for sale in Dubai Marina, UAE at a starting price of 2.6 million AED for townhouses, and 15 million AED for Villas. The massive structure lies on a 45 million square feet plot of land and is inspired by beach lifestyles in various locations over the world.

Reasons Why the Damac Lagoons Properties Are High Performing in 2023

  • The Damac Lagoons Villas has an advantage of a good name (being developed by the DAMAC properties which are long-term developers and a household name in Dubai). 
  • It also has the advantage of a good location being in the main town area and in close proximity to the Marina. 
  • Furthermore, the DAMAC Lagoons units have the advantage of waterfront luxuries, which is a major market mover in Dubai Properties. People tend to opt for waterfront properties for the amazing views and the beach feel.
  • It is divided into Morrocco, Malta, Venice, Mykonos, Santorini, Ibiza, Monte Carlo, Marbella, and Costa Brava quarters, each having themes modeled after the city they were labeled for. 

There are villas and townhouses, and condos in the DAMAC Lagoons, statistics show that it is a popular spot for investors and purchasers in 2023.

Special Features of the DAMAC Lagoons

The proposed four gated DAMAC Lagoons proposes a number of amenities that makes purchasers marvel over them.

  1. The use of the latest technology to convert lake water into swimmable water.
  2. It proposes completion towards the end of 2024 making it a short-term and fast-complete project.
  3. Clean lagoons and home pools perfect for kayaking and swimming respectively.
  4. It offers a waterfall experience for residents and brings an artificial copy of a natural waterfall.
  5. It proposes a wave machine and a floating cinema-enhanced waterpark
  6. A water park and proposed floating Amphitheatre

The DAMAC Lagoons is located about 29 minutes from the international airport and is sited near five schools (nursery and high school), a Med Clinic, and a Viva supermarket. This is a set of properties to definitely consider for investment near the Marina in 2023.

Arabian Ranches III

The next highest-performing property near the Dubai Marina for 2023, is the Arabian Ranches III, which is a fleet of over 4,000 villas, in a five-gated entry point community in Dubai. The Arabian Ranches are generally known for their deluxe villas and this property does not disappoint. Located in Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street, the Emaar Properties aim to please with many desirable amenities such as:

  1. 15 full-size tennis courts, and numerous central leisure facilities.
  2. Proximity to the Arabian II facilities which are only a stone's throw away
  3. A cricket field in the Central Park area, and a handful of other sports facilities across the community.
  4. 24-hour security facilities, with surveillance and watch devices.
  5. Various bedroom numbers available alongside Villas
  6. Starting price is 2 million AED and above.
  7. Its projects are named after Joy, Spring, Ruba, Sun, Caya, June, Elie Saab, and Bliss

To get to the Arabian Ranches from the International Airport, you would have to drive about 24 minutes, 35 minutes to the Dubai Mall, and about 20 minutes to reach Downtown. Being developed by Emaar Properties is also a good launch because it has a good name.

Concluding Paragraph

You can purchase these properties with a down payment between 5% - 20% based on the varying terms and conditions that are attached to them. They are the best options for travel, tour, and investment in Dubai as of 2023.

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