Scholarships That Help Provide Representation to Undiversified Majors

With the right effort and guidance, the right candidate can fill these roles. Don't let negative thoughts dissuade you from thinking you can be a part of one of these fine programs.

Our country has been at odds for generations. It’s a sad truth, but nothing new. While some people may be shocked to hear that there is still the presence of inequality in our workforces, it may come as even more of a surprise that such inequality exists in the selection of certain college majors. Maybe that's the worst part— that we as a society are still in such a place of tension yet we are shocked to hear that such inequality exists. 

Now while there are plenty of organizations that are doing their best to make their voices heard, each group and the people they are trying to represent those organizations can only do so much. It also requires the involvement and action of the people groups and their broad demographic of supporters to do their part. One way that we as a society can now, and for future generations sake, keep the momentum of change is to begin pushing into business industries that have been dominated and segregated for far too many years. 

In order for there to be a rebalancing, however, there first has to be initiative taken, hard work accomplished, and the right people in positions of power to notice. By positions of power, we mean employers. However, before employers can even begin to consider hiring people of minority, they must first take notice of you, and in this day and age then the best way for your application to stand out in the trenches of the job hunt process is to have a degree. 

Earning your degree is one thing, just choosing a major is entirely another. Depending on what social view you may take, what culture you were raised in, how you want to affect the world, and what mark you may want to leave, you may have quite a bit of homework to do. It's a process that shouldn't be rushed. It should be carefully, methodically thought out and then discussed with friends and family. 

Once you feel like you have a solid grasp on who you are and what you might want to pursue, it would behoove you to allow the fires of your positions on social justice to begin informing the career path you may want to seek. Why? Because while much of attention in recent years has been the disparity between men and women in the workforce, scholarships for women is not all that needs to be rectified in the workforce. The world needs people of all backgrounds, genders, religions, and economic social classes to enhance both our ability to see the world from different beautiful ways. Also, to provide opportunities for businesses and organizations to see the value of all peoples.

 In order for certain peoples' ideas, beliefs and goals to be taken into consideration in a board meeting, the right type of person needs to be present and heard in that room. If you feel that is part of what you would like to accomplish over the course of your career, then you will want to consider which college majors are under-diversified. 

Once you find those out, you'll have to get into the right college. To accomplish that, a scholarship may help. Here is a list of college scholarships for minority groups.

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans

This fellowship program is specifically for students that are either U.S Immigrants or children of immigrants. While the scholarship can be applied to any field of study that you may choose, there are contingencies: The applicant has to be 30 years old or younger, and enrolled in a graduate program. It provides up to 50% for tuition and fees, at a maximum rate of $10,000 per semester. 

Catching the Dream

This is a scholarship fund meant strictly for Native Americans. The funds are meant to support STEM fields of study in math, engineering, technology etc. This scholarship was founded to address the need for business leaders to be present in the Native American communities. There is another aspect of this scholarship which has a focus on the applicant gaining a teaching degree — so long as they come from an Indian bloodline. 

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship

This scholarship is specifically meant for women in psychology or science. To be eligible, the woman must be a masters or doctoral student who is in a research-based degree in those fields. There is a stipend for up to three years at $32,000 as well as $12,000 a year for tuition. There are nearly 2,000 awards given per year. 

The Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholars (APIA) or Scholarship Program

The APIA has a variety of scholarships that can range from one-time awards of $2,500 and multi-year grants of $20,000. Here are the criteria for applicants: must live near a poverty level income; has proven themselves as focused on community service or leadership; is a first generation attendee of college; is a U.S. Citizen. The only other point that has to be considered is the strict deadline for applicants. 


This is a scholarship that provides $3000 to persons of Hispanic descent who are pursuing business or technology degrees. The application needs to be a full-time student with an accumulative GPA at or above 3.0. 

The National Press Club’s Scholarship for Journalism Diversity

This scholarship focuses on creating diversity in journalism. It was created with the intention of giving greater value to voices that are under-represented in the media. Awards of $5,000 are granted and can be renewed for up to three years. Qualifications must include that the high school student has the intention of pursuing a career in journalism. Writing samples will need to be submitted. 

The Visa Black Scholars and Jobs Program

The Visa Black Scholars and Jobs Program was created for black, high school seniors with an interest in studying business or technology programs at a four-year college. To apply for the scholarship, a student must have a 3.0 GPA (minimum), as well as being able to prove a legitimate financial need. Not only will the recipient earn up to $20,000 per year for school — which can be renewed for the length of their studies — but students will also gain the rare opportunity to be mentored by VISA employees. This includes training in professional development and opportunities to serve their communities. 

The Point Foundation

This organization helps to provide scholarships for LGBTQ2+ students. They have an entire website listing their collection of various scholarships. The goal of the group is to help these individuals reach their career goals through higher education. 

Blacks at Microsoft Scholarships 

This is a fund set up by the tech industry giant in support of African American students in the pursuit of STEM subjects. The awards are $5,000 of annual money that can be renewed for four years so long as the eligibility standards are continuously met. The standards are for high school seniors studying engineering or other technological areas who have a 3.3 GPA or higher. 

The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

The award is open to high school minority students who have proven their academic excellence. Leadership potential must also be shown along with financial need. This award money can be used to cover any expenses related to their choice in major. 

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund Scholarship

Meant for minority students who have an interest in seeking out careers in the fields of public service. The award can be used for tuition, fees, books, or basic living expenses. 

National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Pathway Scholarship

Also known as NACME, this scholarship is provided to first-year college students who are choosing to major in computer science or engineering. Their mission is to help raise the presence of Hispanic, Native American, and Black students in these fields of study. To be eligible the student must be a high school senior that participates in programs partnered with NACME institutions. 

These are just a few of the hundreds of available scholarships viewable online today. With the right effort and guidance, the right candidate can fill these roles. Don't let negative thoughts dissuade you from thinking you can be a part of one of these fine programs. You have worked hard, let your efforts be rewarded. Go and make a difference in the world. 

Kyle Reyes
Kyle Reyes is a professional writer based in Pittsburgh, PA.
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