Students: How to Boost Your Bank Balance

Being a student is demanding, both with time and money. Making passive income is a great way to boost your bank balance and live the lifestyle you’d like to.

Life as a student is difficult, with managing studies, finding time to socialise, and attempting not to fall into mountains of extra debt. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can boost your bank balance, and all from the comfort of your dorm room. Throughout this article, we’ve gathered together the most popular ways to earn additional income as a student.

Explore Trading

Trading stocks might be difficult as a student, especially as you have to be content with attending lectures and other study-based activities during the day. However, the crypto market is a viable alternative because it’s active 24/7 and there’s plenty of versatility - if you can handle the volatility of the market. That being said, a sure way to earn crypto is to invest in Bitcoin and hold it in an exchange that rewards users for holding assets over a lock-in period. 


If you’re studying at university, the chances are you’ve got a passion for a topic and you’re at a higher level than some other people. Use your knowledge and turn your talents towards online tutoring. There are plenty of reputable platforms where you can advertise your skillset and receive interest. If your university topic isn’t easy to tutor in - perhaps you have another skill like playing a musical instrument? 

Sell Unwanted Items

Everyone’s guilty of keeping hold of unnecessary belongings, although some have it worse than others. If you’ve got clothes stacked at the bottom of your wardrobe and they don’t fit - sell them. Perhaps you’ve got an old dust-laden console kicking around at home - get it to your nearest Cash Converters or put it on the Facebook Marketplace

Get Blogging

You can buy a domain name and hosting space for around £30 per year, so why not get online and start blogging? There are zero restrictions on the topic you can write about, and it can be rewarding down the line. You can monetise a blog by adding ads to your website, joining an affiliate scheme, or creating a paid-for subscription service for extra juicy information. 

Take Online Surveys

Have a spare hour between lectures? Why not sit down and take a few surveys online and get paid for it? Countless sites allow visitors to take part in surveys, usually from research bodies sourcing information. Before choosing a platform, make sure you carry out your own research to determine whether there’s a hidden catch. 

Paid Searches

You’re going to spend a lot of time using Google while you’re at university, so get paid for carrying out searches. One of the best options for this is Qmee, which is a simple plugin for your browser that tracks searches. As you search naturally, it’ll add money to your wallet passively. If you’re thinking of taking liberties, you should know that its smart algorithm knows when you’re searching for the sake of searching. 

Being a student is demanding, both with time and money. Making passive income is a great way to boost your bank balance and live the lifestyle you’d like to.

Isabella Abbott
Isabella Abbott is a professional writer.
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