The 7 Best Colleges for Track and Field

For all the runners out there looking to continue your sport in college, we’ve got good news for you. There are plenty of wonderful track and field programs across the country, with many offering world-class training facilities and some sporting Olympic-level alumni. 

While programs differ between men’s and women’s track and field across universities, there are certain qualities that will make some programs stand out more than others. 

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But you can be sure that all of the programs on this list will provide students with a fantastic environment to lace up your spikes, while also getting a great education. 

What to look for in a track and field program 

When searching for a great school with track and field options, try to look at your options from a bird’s eye view. That is, what the entire program and school can provide you with. 

Does the school offer the event that you compete in? Does the school offer the major that you’re interested in? Does the school offer facilities that will allow you to train properly? How are the academics? 

The different options might be a bit overwhelming, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the university you’ll attend needs to be right for you in more areas than just your sport. 

Another important element to consider when choosing a school where you can compete in your sport is its division. Most colleges in the United States rank their sports by either Division 1, Division 2, or Division 3, with Division 1 being the most competitive. 

While most student athletes set their sights on schools with Division 1 track and field teams, you shouldn’t throw away schools that don’t fit into this category. 

Many schools that are Division 2 and Division 3 in track and field will likely offer high-performing students higher scholarships in order to recruit them to their universities. This is something that many student athletes use to their advantage when trying to balance pursuing their sport at the university level while also making smart choices financially.  

With that said, there are plenty of great options for students looking to vault themselves into their sport at the university level, so read on for some of the best colleges for track and field. 

The University of Oregon has a very well-respected track and field program. The school also hosted the founder of Nike, which is the famous track and field performance wear choice of many athletes across the world. 

The University of Oregon 

Home of the founders of the worldwide phenomenon that is Nike, the University of Oregon is well-known for its fantastic track and field programs. 

Students who attend the University of Oregon have access to some of the best facilities in the country. Hayward Field is where most students practice and perform, and it has also hosted numerous Olympic Trials. 

But that’s not all the school has to offer. The University of Oregon also provides athletes with a year-round indoor training facility and a recovery center that features plunge pools, a digital x-ray center, and even a few underwater treadmills. 

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill 

With a beautiful campus and amazing athletics, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill has much to offer student athletes. 

In addition to world-class programs and facilities, the school also provides students with important assistance in nutrition education and support. 

UNC Chapel Hill employs three full-time sports dietitians and two full-time performance nutrition fellows. They help student-athletes with everything from nutrition counseling to body composition testing and education. 

At the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, incoming student athletes can enroll with confidence knowing that they’ll be taken care of both on and off the track. 

University of Florida 

If you’re an athlete interested in venturing down south, the University of Florida has the track and field program for you. 

This school not only has all the amazing amenities that the others on this list have to help you train to become the best athlete you can be, but they also have the stats to prove it. 

The University of Florida has plenty of NCAA championships under its belt, with athletes from both the men’s and women’s track and field teams ranking statewide and nationally in their sport. 

But the UF also has a history of sending its track and field athletes to the Olympics, which is the ultimate goal for many college sports stars. 

Some schools like Louisiana State University offer both indoor and outdoor track and field programs for students, with facilities well-suited for both. 

Louisiana State University 

Louisiana State University is known for many of its impressive athletic programs, and its track and field offerings are no exception. 

This school is unique in that it gives students the option to compete in either indoor or outdoor track and field. Not many colleges at the Division 1 level have both options in their track and field programs, so this is most certainly a point in LSU’s favor. 

But that’s not all. To complement its indoor and outdoor track and field offerings, Louisiana State University has facilities suited for both indoor and outdoor training and competing, which include an all-weather track and field stadium and a state-of-the-art indoor facility. 

So for students who appreciate different options, LSU might just be the school for you. 

The University of Arkansas 

Known as the track capital of the world, the University of Arkansas is one of the best colleges for track and field. 

The university’s stellar reputation in the area of track and field comes from the 35 records it holds across NCAA, American, and world championships — a feat that makes them one to watch in the track and field world. 

The Randal Tyson center is the university’s indoor track training center which helped train the athletes who went on to be champions. Attend the University of Arkansas and you might be one too. 

Baylor University 

Baylor University is a private U.S. college that hosts a successful track and field program. The university has produced dozens of champions over the years and can claim nine Olympic Gold medals to its name. 

Since 2014, their champions have trained and competed in a world-class stadium that the university invested over 18 million dollars into. 

And that’s in addition to the numerous other training facilities that the school offers its track and field student athletes. 

At Baylor University, you’ll be certain to find a top-notch track and field program. 

The University of Georgia 

With a long history of athletics, the University of Georgia has a well-established track and field presence. Founded in 1897, the track and field program saw many different changes until it became what it is today. 

Fast forward over a hundred years, and the University of Georgia boasts over thirteen Olympic Gold medals and dozens of championship titles as well. 

At this state school, student athletes get some of the best track and field instruction around from coaches who know how to win. 

Not to mention that UG also has some pretty great training facilities as well that helped secure them a spot on this list. 

The University of Texas

The University of Texas is one of those schools whose reputation precedes itself. 

With numerous championship titles under its belt, the school definitely knows how to do track and field. 

But beyond their stellar stats, the University of Texas also sports an incredible amount of facilities to support their track and field student athletes. The University of Texas has  state-of-the-art training facilities, an enormous stadium, a nutrition center, an academic center, and a sports medicine center to name only a few. 

With so many support options, UT ensures that its track and field student athletes are well taken care of, which is something that will put any potential applicant at ease. A track and field program doesn’t get much better than what the University of Texas has to offer. If you find yourself at school here, you will be in good hands. 

There are many schools in the United States that offer competitive track and field programs, but the universities on this list are some of the best. Each one provides students with experienced coaches, impressive facilities, and amazing statistics that prove they can help incoming student athletes reach their performance goals. 

So ready, set, go! With this list, you’ll be sure to find the best college for track and field for you. 

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