The Best Colleges For Pre-Law

What is Pre-Law? A List Of The Best Colleges To Go To For Pre-Law

If you’re planning to practice law in the future, you’ll first have to earn a law degree and pass the bar exam after figuring out where you’ll be going to college. But, since there are a lot of things you’ll need to figure out before you become a lawyer, you’ll want to have the best education you can get at a college you love. If you're unsure about where to go for a degree in pre-law, this blog is the perfect blog for you to read as you decide your future education. 

What Is Pre-Law?

Explaining The Factors Of Pre-Law And What It Is 

While many people think they’ll have to have a major relating to pre-law to get into law school, this is often a misconception about the major. Majors like English, history, science, philosophy, and political science are all great examples of majors you could get a degree in to help lead you towards a career in law. Unlike certain majors like nursing, to get into law school students don’t need a specific major or specific classes, they just need to remember that their GPA and LSAT scores are a big factor when it comes to applying to law schools after their undergraduate years. 

Any type of pre-law major that you choose is designed to prepare future lawyers for law school so whichever one you decide on, whether that be political science or classes about the humanities, you’ll already be on your way towards law school at the end of your undergraduate years! It’s even better to know that since many colleges don’t even offer a pre-law program, there’s no worry in taking classes you’re interested in during your years in school. According to U.S.News, law school admissions officials want students to take courses they find compelling, as long as they’re challenging for them. 

A pile of books and a notebook 
As you’re deciding where to go to college and what major to pick, knowing that most schools typically don’t have a pre-law major will help you decide. This is because if you want to pick a different major before going to law school like political science, you’ll easily be able to do so. You’ll just want to remember to take challenging classes that you enjoy learning about! 

The Best Colleges 

Which Colleges Are Best For A Major In Pre-Law

Now that we’ve successfully gone over what it takes to be in a pre-law major, we’ll have to discuss the best colleges for that specific major and track. Even though most schools don’t offer it as an actual major, there are still great places that do have it which will be listed below: 

  • Yale University. While you’ll have to be at the top of your class to get into this university, it’s because it’s considered the top law school in the country. Here you’ll be able to be on track towards everything law schools seek. Although this is one of the schools that doesn’t have a pre-law major in its program, it allows students to make their own program that would let them obtain any skills they’d need to get into law school. 
A picture of Yale University. 
Image courtesy of Yale Admissions. By being the top law school in the country, Yale has all the courses you’ll need to pass your exams and get into the law school of your dreams. 
  • Harvard College. Another example of a top law school for undergraduates wanting a career in law is none other than Harvard. Although this school also doesn’t offer a traditional pre-law major, as a student you’re able to find your interests in your undergraduate years to then put into practice during your time at a law school. Being an Ivy League school will also help to get you into the law school of your dreams when you graduate! 
A picture of Harvard College. 
By finding your interests here at Harvard, you’ll be able to practice what you’ll need for future law schools. 
  • Northwestern University. Our first university on this list with a specific pre-law track is Northwestern. Here you’ll be able to get a sense of thinking critically about the relationship between society and law which you can study as a major or minor in their program. 
A picture of the Northwestern University campus 
Image courtesy of Northwestern University News. By having a specific pre-law major here at Northwestern University, students will be able to learn everything they need to know about law. 
  • Georgetown University. Another college without a major specifically called pre-law is Georgetown University. While you attend this school, students are advised to take courses that need analytic thinking and written expression. Many of the students here have a major involving either social sciences or the humanities but with any major they pick, they’ll be able to have courses that can serve as a background for law.
A college campus 
While many colleges listed are Ivy leagues, there are still different options for those who don’t want or couldn’t afford the prestigious universities. All the colleges listed, even the non-Ivy leagues, will allow students to get an excellent education in any major of their choosing that will lead them towards success in their futures in law.  

Best Colleges Continued… 

More Of The Best College List 

  • Michigan State University. As a school with a specific pre-law track, Michigan State University will help students learn about legal studies. It’s recommended for students who want to prepare for paralegal careers and those who want to work in law enforcement as well!
A picture of Michigan State University. 
By being another school with a pre-law major, students will be able to learn more about law even before going to graduate school. 
  • University of Texas at Austin. By having one of the largest law fairs in the country each and every year, the University of Texas at Austin will prepare any student for success in a law career in the future. This university also allows for students to choose majors in the humanities and sciences to help prepare them for law school. 
A picture of University of Texas at Austin 
By having many different majors to choose from, students will be able to take courses that they’re interested in to graduate. 
A recent graduate wearing a cap and gown 
With whichever college you choose, having your interests in mind is a great idea to start with. Once you know that you’re set on going to law school is when you’ll want to really pick and choose a major. This can be based on something you like or just something you think you’ll need to know for your future in a law career. Either way, having all of these major ideas and interests in mind will help you decide which college you want to go to and which major to pick! 

With whichever school you decide to go to and whatever major you decide to pick even if it’s not pre-law, these top colleges will help you make your way to a career in law. Although every program is a little different based on which school you decide to go to these schools are the top ones you’ll want to look at and apply to for a track towards becoming a lawyer. 

Now go on ahead and get to applying to the places that seem amazing which are the ones conveniently listed here! Since there are many to choose from on this list, you’ll want to apply to the ones you like and wait to see where you get in! Good luck and get to studying for your future career in law! 

Isabella Abbott
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