The Best MBA Scholarships for Women and How to Apply For Them

Looking to save some money when it comes to going to college? Are you a woman looking to study business? Here are the best scholarships to apply to!

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There are so many majors to choose from whenever you decide to go to college. From arts and humanities degrees, business degrees, health profession programs, psychology, biological and biomedical degrees, education, and more, there are countless majors to choose from that it can be difficult to find the best one for you. When it comes down to it, finding your passion and what you think would best pertain to your interests is the best way of choosing a major in college.

Are you more interested in businesses and how they run, the many positions within them, or do you even have a goal of opening up your own business, or becoming the CEO of a franchise company? Then the business major may be the best route to take in a college of your choice! There are lots of things to study when it comes to the business major, which is also why it is among one of the most popular majors to study.

Are you a woman that is planning on pursuing your MBA, or Master of Business Administration degree while in college? Here are some amazing scholarships to help you save money on your education now!

Is Pursuing an MBA Expensive in College?

Understand why this degree may be one of the more pricier degrees to study in college!

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Studying for your MBA in college can be very rewarding, but it is also one of the more expensive majors to study as well. Image courtesy of Poets & Quants. 

Reaching to get your Master of Business Administration degree in college is one of the most rewarding degrees you can receive. Not only is it universal, meaning you can do a lot of amazing things with it, but it can also help you to have a greater awareness of the global market, expand your professional network, help you work on your communication skills, increase the amount of job opportunities you can find, and also help you manage your time better. 

The one downside to studying business in college is that it can be very expensive. Now, why is it so much more expensive than any other degree? While it may not be as expensive as studying anything in the medical field, or going into engineering, it is still pricier because you have to apply to get into your college’s business school. Getting your MBA can cost around $100,000 to $200,000 depending on the type of school you go to and it can be more expensive especially if you go to a private school.

At the end of the day, getting your MBA is 100% worth it because of the amazing things that you can do with it. If you enjoy learning how businesses, franchises, and corporations run, then this definitely may be the major for you!

Scholarships for Women Pursuing an MBA Degree

Know how to get your foot in the door with some extra money under your belt!

If you’re a woman pursuing an MBA degree, there are a bunch of MBA scholarships to apply for to get some extra money for your education! Image courtesy of Poets & Quants. 

Continuing your college education can be tough, especially because of the rapidly rising costs of it. Pursuing your MBA can even be a bigger challenge because of how difficult the degree can be and with how expensive it can be. 

If you’re a woman who is earning her MBA degree who is also looking for scholarships to apply to, here are some of the best ones to apply to!

AHEAD Scholarship

Interested in a scholarship that is perfect for any woman who is currently in the MBA program? Make sure to check out the AHEAD Scholarship right now! This amazing scholarship is for any successful female MBA or MIF applicant who shows good academic and professional skills that thrive in a developing economy. 

While this scholarship is through the London Business School, you can still get the scholarship in the United States. You can get up to $35,000 US dollars and just for being a woman pursuing an MBA degree!

Ford Business Scholarship

Do you want to potentially earn around $10,000 in scholarship money to put towards your MBA degree? If so, then you need to check out the Ford Business Scholarship right now! This amazing scholarship goes out to two women who are studying for their MBA, but just keep in mind you can only get this scholarship once.

You just need to submit some letters of recommendation, a current resume, and a project paper or business report in order to qualify, so why not give this scholarship a try! 

Forte Foundation Fellowship

There are some scholarships that a lot of business schools participate in that you could potentially qualify for. Why not see if your school is participating in the Forte Foundation Fellowship and see if you qualify for this amazing scholarship today!

If you’re a woman that shows strong leadership abilities, has an overall great GPA and academic standing, and a passion to work towards improving women’s issues, then these scholarships may be for you! They have also given out over $277 million dollars to almost ten thousand women too. 

Cronk Opportunity Scholarship

Are you a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America? If so, you may actually be qualified for the amazing Cronk Opportunity Scholarship to put towards your MBA degree! By just applying and proving that you are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, you can win $1,000!

All female applicants must be over the age of 21 to apply, but besides that you can easily apply to this scholarship in a matter of minutes, and it doesn’t get any easier than that!

There are countless scholarships to apply for as a woman studying and putting hard work into an MBA degree. If you are a woman looking for the best scholarship to apply for and to save you some money in the long run, make sure to consider one of these scholarships today!

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