The Best Workout Apps For Students

These days, students can easily train at home using only their smartphones and workout app. See what apps can deliver the best programs at the best prices.

Having an at-home workout has never been that easy. Now, all you need to do is download an app packed with workouts, training programs, and other exercise tips. It is especially convenient for students who lack time and money for weekly gym sessions. Also, essay writing services can help you with knowledge, there is a very cool review by Will Martins to see how hard finding a good writer can be. Now, you can train effectively at home without spending hours in traffic or hundreds on a gym membership. 

Students can choose from a large pool of online applications designed for various training purposes, user groups, and training styles.The main problem today is choosing an application that is perfect for your needs and budget. Fortunately, there are many options. So, let’s see some of the most effective and affordable workout apps out there. Here are the top five picks.

Down Dog Yoga

If you want a perfect app full of yoga lessons, look no more. Down Dog is a great option for newbies and experienced yoga practitioners who want a guided practice. The first advantage of this app comes with its 14 weeks free trial and very budget-friendly annual price. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Once you open the app (where you are greeted with some yogi jokes), you get to customize training sessions up to a T. So you can choose an experience level, desired practice pace and length, type of yoga you want, a preferred angle for the practice, and the instructor’s voice. All these customizations will help you personalize each practice and receive the desired results.

Now, to exercising. An instructor executes each practice. You can choose how much verbal explanation of the movement you need for higher convenience. Here, you will learn where to make pauses, breathe, move between the poses, etc. It can be a perfect guided yoga session. However, you can also use the app for a training session if you want more work and less talk. Both ways are perfectly fine.

Down Dog costs $10 per month or $60 a year. However, they also offer frequent sales. In addition, the Down Dog creators also have a variety of other workout apps as well as meditation apps worth checking out.

Nike Training Club

Nothing motivates a student more than the word ‘free.’ Nike was well aware of that and has come up with an excellent idea to give away their popular training app for free during the global pandemic. First of all, the timing for such a gesture was absolutely on point. Young people got stuck in their homes and needed a push to get active and keep moving again. Considering that the app was free, packed with training sessions for all muscle groups, and produced by a famous athletic brand, Nice Training Club engages thousands of students and others worldwide.

So, what do you receive with this Nike app? First, you get free content, of course. Nike chose not to return to paid versions of the app. Second, you can explore numerous home workouts available for any intensity level. So, you can narrow your focus to a preferred muscle group, duration, and level and receive a session plan right away.

Most people choose to have instructor-led workouts, as they are more accessible and motivational. However, you can also do the session at your own pace with the whiteboard workouts. Plus, there is an option to connect the app to your Apple Music to exercise with your favorite music.


Sweat has been trending these past few years, and there is a good reason why. First of all, it has been officially recognized online as the best training app for women. Its programs are designed by famous female trainers and aimed at women only (doesn’t mean it is forbidden for men, though). Overall, the popularity of the app precedes it, and the community around it is vast and loyal.

An app starts by letting you choose goals and programs you want to achieve with workouts. Thus, you can choose to gain muscles, learn to pull weights in the gym, become more confident in your training, etc. However, the true gem here is a program designed for women after pregnancy. You can rarely find one of those on a random training app.

The app’s content is available for users of all fitness levels. All programs are easy to follow at home. Plus, you can have a preview of each program before starting. Overall, it’s an effective, comfortable app for training and building new, healthy lifestyle habits. 

The app will cost you $20 per month if you pay monthly or $10 if you pay annually.

Best for Men: Centr by Chris Hemsworth

Since we’ve covered the best workout app for women, let’s also talk about the Best for Men: Centr by Chris Hemsworth. This app has everything you need to change your lifestyle for the best. It offers numerous tips on how to stay healthy and fit beyond just exercising. Don’t get me wrong. The prior focus remains on workout programs. So, what exactly do you get with this application?
First, users get access to a variety of training programs, from pilates to HIIT, created by health professionals and respected trainers. Each program also comes with nutrition guidance so users can adjust their diet in accordance with exercising. In fact, the app even offers some healthy recipes and other food tips, which is quite helpful for people on the transformational journey.

Lastly, this app is, indeed, curated by Chris Hemsworth. Who is better at giving training tips than Thor himself? The app will cost you $30 a month or a total of $90 for an annual subscription.


Let’s give some love to all the runners and cyclists out there with this amazing app! Strava is everything an athlete needs to track their progress while running or cycling. It can track your speed and pace, showing the improvements and providing your full performance analysis. Strava can even show elevations and other road nuances, along with breaking down your performance in such a complicated environment.

Overall, it is a perfect app for planning a long cycling or running session. Oh, and don’t worry about cycling too far during an important essay deadline. Just review academic services with the Chief Editor John Milovich, and entrust your paper into the hands of professionals. Sometimes, exercising and following the training program can be more rewarding than completing a paper by yourself. So turn on your Strava and leave the rest to the professional writers.

Kyle Reyes
Kyle Reyes is a professional writer based in Pittsburgh, PA.
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