What to Do When You’re Given a Pay Cut

How do you feel when you notice that your salary has been reduced at your workplace? This article is for you if you want to know how to handle a pay cut

Companies and organizations frequently implement pay reductions as a survival tactic during economic downturns. It’s difficult news to hear, especially when you can’t control how much your company pays you. 

It can be challenging when you encounter a sudden pay cut at some point in your career. It could also be an opportunity to switch up your routine or employment. However, if the pay cut affects you, you might want to start looking into other international job prospects. The demand for entry-level financiers abroad is growing, open vacancies in this area can be viewed at the link https://jooble.org/jobs-entry-level-finance/Abroad 

How To Go About A Pay Reduction


Notwithstanding, knowing how to go about a pay cut may help you navigate this career phase. At the same time, you get used to a new monthly salary. In this regard, we have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to discuss the tips that will help you stay financially secure after taking a pay cut. Let’s explore more.

1. Determine Your Fears And Overcome Them

Take some time to relax your mind and emotions if you were already stressed about money before your employer announced your pay cut. It would be best if you were calm to develop a strategy, even though it can be a struggle. After clearing your head, start by listing the bills you must pay and current spending to discover the origins of your financial worries. Then, examine strategies to make do with a lesser salary, such as cutting excessive spending or taking on freelancing work.

2. Adjust Your Budget

You will probably be unable to afford most of the things you used to after a pay cut, and you must modify your budget to offer a solution. After taxes and other deductions, you should be able to calculate the amount of money you’ll deposit with your new pay. This allows you to calculate your monthly payments, savings, and spending.

Additionally, since you based your lifestyle decisions on your past income, it is wise to reduce some of them, which can be very challenging. You must list all your needs and prioritize them in order of importance, and you can forgo the less important ones.

3. Continue Saving

If you haven’t been saving, now is the best time to start. Just because your pay has been reduced doesn’t mean you should stop. Ideally, 20% of your income should be set aside for savings, allowing you to prepare for bad times. Depending on the percentage that was reduced from your payment, you might need to decide which account to keep funding or decrease your total expenses. You can open savings accounts for unplanned bills, retirement accounts, or funds set aside for future purchases like a down payment on a house.

Since you’ve already had to make significant financial adjustments, don’t stop building up your emergency fund until you are assured that your salary will soon return to normal. It would help if you didn’t stop saving unless it’s essential. You should prioritize your retirement and emergency reserves instead of getting yourself a new car or spending on other related expenses.

4. Think About Pursuing Other Income Opportunities 

Before setting up a side hustle gig on top freelance websites, consider honing your skill set if your pay cut leaves you without enough money to cover necessary expenses or if you want to continue contributing to your current personal savings plan. 

It would be best if you kept a few things in mind, even though your side jobs may be a way to monetize your current hobbies or continue your current career. To begin with, since you’re working multiple jobs to augment your income, you’ll need to keep working on your side projects after you return from your regular work.

5. Don’t Go Into Debt

It would help if you never took on more debt than you need to, no matter how many times you persuade yourself that things will improve, and you’ll earn more money than ever. Indeed, life can be difficult, and having less money will undoubtedly make things a little more complicated, but taking on more debt won’t help. 

If you take a loan you’re unsure you’ll be able to return, you’ll keep taking out loans to pay them off, which could leave you in dire financial straits.

6. Uphold Excellence 

Even though the circumstances can differ from what you are used to, it is advisable to maintain your optimistic outlook and stellar work ethic. It could be tempting to let your work habits slip or put in less than your best effort when facing a pay cut. 

7. Think Ahead 

It’s time to plan for your future step once you’ve done everything possible to secure and protect yourself in the current circumstance. You can decide to stay on and bargain for more excellent non-cash benefits or even retroactive pay if you know how long this will go (i.e., a bigger paycheck in the future to make up for your present pay cut). 

However, you might want to think about finding something else if your company has permanently reduced your pay or if you no longer care about working despite your best efforts. Be aware, however, that it will be challenging to find new employment if the reasons for your company’s problems are related to the recession.


Taking a pay cut can be emotionally and financially taxing, especially when the initial salary was never enough. However, life is not always easy, and we must learn to continue living our lives when the unexpected occurs. The advice mentioned above will assist you in continuing your job after taking a pay cut.

Matt Lyons
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