Financial Aid Consultants

The financial aid process is complicated, especially if you're trying to tackle it on your own. Don't worry -- that's where financial aid consultants come in.

Is financial aid giving you a headache? If you have too many papers and too many questions, a financial aid consultant may be for you!

Whether your child or yourself are heading to college for the first time or heading back to school, you want to get the most for your money. Your number one goal should be to maximize the aid you receive and minimize the amount of money coming out of your own pocket.

Mistakes when applying for financial aid can cost you thousands of dollars. Like most people, you may not have the time nor the desire to become a financial aid expert. If you aren’t sure if you’ve completed a form correctly or if you have completed all the necessary forms, here are some things to consider:

  • Do you have the time and know how to successfully maximize your financial aid package?
  • Where you are getting your financial aid advice from? While a friend who has previously applied for financial aid may think they know what they are doing, you cannot really be sure. They may have received aid but did they receive the maximum amount they qualify for.
  • Are you positive your completed FAFSA and CSS Profile are 100% accurate? Errors will lead to delay in processing, which can lead to a loss of college financing options.

If you cannot confidently answer these questions, consider a financial aid consultant!

Financial Aid Consultants can:

  • Complete paperwork when it comes to receiving financial aid. That paperwork includes the FAFSA, CSS Profile, Scholarships, Grants and more. In fact, college financial aid consultatns will complete this paperwork for you if you find you are too busy to do so yourself.
  • Ensure you meet all financial aid deadlines.
  • Find scholarships, grants and other money that may be available for you to hlep pay for college. They are there to ensure you receive the most aid possible to fund your college education.
  • Give you an estimate of your expected family contribution.
  • Ensure you receive the maximize aid you qualify for.
  • Guide you step-by-step through the financial aid process.
  • Save you time and money by helping you receive financial aid.
  • Help determine  your eligibility.
  • Determine if you are receiving a fair financial aid.
  • Help determine your eligibility.
  • Determine if you are receiving a fair financial aid offer.
  • Offer brochrues and booklets on financial aid.
  • Provide an estiamte of your expected family contibution.
  • Assist in financial aid appeals.

Tips to Avoid Problems:

  1. Find a consultant with experience. After all, you are looking to maximize your award!
  2. Avoid gimmicks. A student should never have to be interviewed in order to qualify for financial assistance.
  3. Make sure the fees for a your prospective financial aid consultant are not excessive.
  4. While your college financial aid office may advise against the use of a financial aid consultant, they are likely to tell you if they have had problems with a particular consultant in the past.
  5. If if sounds too good to be true or if you have any reservations, don't proceed!

Go FInancial Aid consultant will educate you on the different means of paying for college, evaluate your individual situation and choose the options that are right for you, as well as assist you in renewing your financial aid year after year.

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