Professional experience and extra cash? Yes please. Work-study jobs are an essential part of many financial aid packages.

Getting a job while in college is obviously not the most desirable option for most full time students, as classes, studying and extracurricular activities take up more than enough of your time.  However, many students seek employment while in school, not only as a means of maintaining stable bank accounts, but also to earn money toward paying off tuition.  Work-study programs represent another great form of financial aid that requires nothing more than time and dedication from you in order to pay off your student loans.

Most work study jobs are available within a student’s field of study, allowing the student to be mentored and obtain hands-on working experience in the field of their choice while earning money towards paying off their tuition costs at the same time.  These jobs are extremely beneficial in the sense that, as a student, they work around your schedule, and provide you with working experience in the field that you will be entering into upon graduation, giving you much needed experience.

To qualify for these programs, students normally have to have completed the FAFSA (which most everyone has to do anyway before going to school), , as well as any other financial aid applications that might be required. Many students choose to enlist the services of a financial aid consultant when applying for financial aid to ensure that they are fully-eligible for all types of financial aid..  The school will then decide whether or not you qualify for this type of aid based on your FAFSA results.  Make sure you are aware of all deadlines, as missing important dates could seriously damage your chances of receiving rewards from these positions.

Since a lot of students are vying for positions such as these, it is important to jump in right away.  Start looking for available positions or programs in the fields of your choice as soon as you get to school.  These opportunities are given out to specific students based on the discretion of educational staff, so it is important to get your name and information in as quickly as possible. Speaking to your advisor or a career development counselor can help get you on the right track, so you know where to look and what to do in order to have a better shot at finding exactly what it is you are looking for.  Most colleges or universities offer countless options in the work-study area, so it should not be too difficult to find something that fits your schedule and field of study.

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