Scholarships for Psychology Majors to Save You Big Time on Tuition and More

Are you going to be an aspiring psychology major at your school and you are looking for ways to save money? Here are some amazing scholarships that you can apply for!

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There is nothing more mysterious and unique than the human brain. From how we think, our thought process through difficult situations, our body language, understanding and feeling emotions, and so much more have a way of intriguing many people. Maybe you are someone who wants to help people and give back to the community. If this is so and if any of this stuff intrigues you, we think that it may be in your best interest to choose psychology as your major in college.

There are many reasons why you should choose psychology as your major in college. If you have a genuine interest in the subject and if helping people is your passion, then this definitely may be the right major for you, but what about paying for college? Paying for college is definitely a struggle, but lucky for you, if you choose the psychology major, there are plenty of scholarships for you to apply for!

Why Choose Psychology?

Still thinking about what you want to major in? Maybe psychology is for you!

Are you wondering what major you should study in college? Why not try out psychology and see if it peaks your interest! Image courtesy of GetEducated. 

If you are someone who just is not sure what to study in college, we understand the concern. With so many majors out there and trying to find what you’re really interested in can be a struggle, but have you ever thought about psychology? Not only can you learn about the human mind and why some people think the way they do, but this major can also be great for students looking to open up their own practice and help people later down the road.

Now why should you study psychology? Well, psychology is a great way to understand humans more with how they behave, their mental processes, and just why we act the way we do, or just understanding feelings. You can also learn some other amazing things, such as how we shape our personalities as individuals, how we learn new things, how we are able to change, and more.

You should also think about your future when choosing psychology as a major. For example, what kinds of jobs can you get with this degree? Well, you can get clinical work, educational work, occupational psychology, and even open up your own practice! There are many career routes that you can go when it comes to a psychology degree, so there’s nothing wrong with considering it as your major in college.

Scholarships for Psychology Majors

Are you a psychology major looking for some scholarships to apply for? If so, make sure to check these ones out!

Scholarship Application
If you are on the hunt for some scholarships as a psychology major, don’t worry because there are plenty out there! Image courtesy of Psychology. 

There are lots of amazing scholarships that you can apply for if you’re deciding to study psychology in college. No matter if you’re a high school senior, or even an undergraduate, there are many scholarships out there for you to discover and potentially get money from. Make sure to check out some of the best scholarships for psychology majors that we could find!

The Melanie Foundation Scholarship

Award: $2,500 

If you’re looking to study psychology while you’re in school, then you need to stop what you’re doing and check out The Melanie Foundation Scholarship! This amazing scholarship offers $2,500 to someone who is planning on pursuing a doctoral or master’s degree in a mental health field. You must be either accepted or currently in a graduate program you can receive the money for one school year, and even apply next year too!

WIFLE Scholarship Program

Award: Varies

If you are looking for an amazing scholarship to apply for, then you need to check out the WIFLE Scholarship Program right now! This scholarship is available to female students who are physically attending a four-year college, or be a full-time student at a community college planning on transferring into a four-year college that plans on studying criminology, or related majors, such as psychology, and more. You also have to have at least a 3.0 GPA and be a US citizen as well to apply.

Bethesda Lutheran Communities Lutheran Student Scholastic & Service Scholarship

Award: $3,000

Are you a student that actively attends a Luthern church and plans on studying psychology, focusing on intellectual and developmental disabilities? If so, then the Bethesda Lutheran Communities Lutheran Student Scholastic & Service Scholarship is the right one for you! With a $3,000 award, you just need to be an active member of a Luthern church, a freshman, sophomore, or junior in a four-year college,  and have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Catching The Dream Program

Award: $5,000

Are you looking for a scholarship specifically if you’re part Native American? There are many scholarships out there for Native Americans and one is called the Catching the Dream Program! This amazing scholarship is offered to students that are a quarter or more Native American and an enrolled member of a federally recognized US tribe. You must also be attending a four-year college full-time and studying for a BA or higher. 

Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program

Award: $5,000

There are a lot of first generation college students out there seeking some extra money to help them successfully pay their college education. If you are one of them, we recommend applying for the Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program! If you are pursuing a degree in psychology, premed, Spanish, architecture, environmental design, and more, you are eligible for this scholarship. You also have to have a 3.5 GPA and proof of attending college as well. 

As a psychology major, you have plenty of options when it comes to applying for scholarships to help you pay for school. Make sure to check out some of the scholarships listed above and maybe search for other ones that apply to you too!

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