Many colleges and universities offer or even require that you submit a financial aid supplement that is specific to that particular school.  A supplement is to be filled out in addition to the FAFSA or CSS Profile applications, and could qualify you for additional financial assistance.  The questions asked on the supplement form are typically used to help verify the information you have already provided on the FAFSA or CSS Profile.

During the process of applying for schools, you will definitely want to look into any financial aid supplements that are required, so you can be sure to have them completed while filling out your other financial aid documents.  It is recommended that you check with the school about financial supplements as soon as possible after sending in your FAFSA in order to determine what other applications you will need to complete.  Checking in with a particular school at this time also allows you to inquire about your FAFSA, making sure they have received it and that it is being processed.

Even if the institution you plan on attending does not require a financial supplement, you should still look into any offers they may have.  Some colleges or universities offer financial aid supplements, but do not require that they be completed along with any additional financial aid documents.  However, in these cases, the financial aid supplement will only help you by giving you a chance to receive more financial assistance, with no negative consequences for not completing the form.  While it would not do any harm not to fill out a supplement if it is not required, it would certainly help you significantly should it provide you with more financial aid than you originally expected.

Since a high amount of schools require financial aid supplements to be filled out, do not hold off on obtaining information about these forms, and filling them out along with any other financial aid documents you are in the process of completing.  This opportunity provided by your school will only be of assistance to you in the financial aid process, whether or not it is required. Many students enlist the services of a financial aid advisor to help fill out all of their financial aid applications, including financial aid supplements that might be required.

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